SedavÝ is a small industrial town near Valencia, by the Mediterranean.Most of my students live there . Sample units and a couple of songs are given here, but the whole courses can be found on their respective levels. 

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Hello,  this is your web site for English students in IES Sedavi  school. It is  a very easy way to refresh structures and exercises seen in class. CLICK ON YOUR LEVEL and good journey !!
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 e s o 4: pre-intermediate

 term 1,2.

 term 3

 'English for Sedavi' is an e-learning  environment which provides interactive grammar support for secondary students at 'ies Sedavi' in Valencia -Spain. The exercises were designed with 'Hot Potatoes': with acknowledgements. b a t 1: intermediate

term 1,2.

term 3

R.Wilson's Grammar

modal verbs

yet, still, already

b a t  2: upper intermediate

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term 3. 



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