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waterboys The Whole of the Moon new- 07

cat steven's father and son

tracy chapman's baby can I hold you?

key's falling

j.taylor's you've got a friend

marc anthony's i need you

craig david's walking away


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phil collins's another day in paradise-new

jones's it's not unusual


billy joel's piano man-new 

des 'ree's life -new

armstrong's wonderful world -new

janis ian at seventeen -new

bridge over troubled waters

jackson's together again

spears's not yet a woman

gabrielle's out of reach

key's a woman's worth

eric carmen's all by myself

spears's dear diary

james taylor's carolina

spears's born to make you happy

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present simple 3rd person


present simple - Alfred talks about

 what he likes and dislikes doing  

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comparative adjectives

past simple(1)

past simple (2)

listen to past simple and irregular verbs -new listening

past simple-continuous

past simple and continuous (Durrell's passage)

used to (1)

used to (2)

used to/was (3) new listening

reported speech (1)

reported speech (2)

reported speech (3)
Iowa's University Phonetics (with acknowledgements)







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simple past (the Rose Beetle Man)

simple past&modals

everyday english in conversations

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there is/there are-Kayum's story

comparative adjectives(2)

future -ing

future-going to

KANSAS UNIVERSITY GRAMMAR AND LISTENING (needs' real player')(with acknowledgements)

passive with 'get' - new listening

simple or continuous ? - new listening-03-04

simple past-regular and irregular-new listening 03-04

queen's we are the champions

clapton's tears in heaven

spears's lucky

king of the road

anastacia's one day in your life

hungry heart

Corrs's what can i do? new version