Rob and and Juliet's parents are very different. Listen to the story and look at the underlined adjectives.


When you've listened, do the following exercise: Rob's and Juliet's families (listening comprehension)

I think the reason my parents and Juliet's parents don't like each other is because they're so different. Juliet's parents are more organized and more serious than my parents. They have regular meals. They take their dogs out for a walk at the same time every day. They never go out at night and they're always in bed by 11. My parents are younger and more easy-going than Juliet's. They are also more sociable and more friendly and love inviting friends round for a meal. They like listening to music. They like going out and having a good time. Our houses look very different on the outside and on the inside! Juliet's parents are much tidier and fussier
than my parents and their house always looks spotless and clean. My dad and mum are the opposite. They're not. at. all tidy, they hate housework and they leave everything lying around on the floor. Juliet's parents complain about our garden, our rubbish, our music and most importantly, about me talking to their daughter.





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